Mysterious French Thieves Stole $43,000 Worth of Cheese

Cheese thieves strike eastern France

There were some very hungry criminals in France over the weekend. A group of unidentified French robbers stole over 8,818 pounds of cheese last week, valued at $43,000.

The theft took place in the eastern France region of Doubs, where the bandits got through a store’s barbed-wire fence and broke into the building with a crowbar.

Approximately 100 wheels of Comté cheese were stolen, and is expected to be sold to French markets and restaurants. It is made with cow’s milk, and can be sold for 40 euros a pound, ok so maybe the cheese wasn’t stolen because they were hungry.

Similar incidents have taken place over the years, including a theft of six million pounds of maple syrup in Quebec, and $20,000 worth of Nutella in Germany.

If they’re successful, the thieves could profit thousands of dollars, or have a few lifetimes worth of cheese.

(Photo by Max LesZed via Flickr)