Mysterious French Thieves Stole $43,000 Worth of Cheese

Cheese thieves strike eastern France

There were some very hungry criminals in France over the weekend. A group of unidentified French robbers stole over 8,818 pounds of cheese last week, valued at $43,000.

The theft took place in the eastern France region of Doubs, where the bandits got through a store’s barbed-wire fence and broke into the building with a crowbar.

Approximately 100 wheels of ComtĂ© cheese were stolen, and is expected to be sold to French markets and restaurants. It is made with cow’s milk, and can be sold for 40 euros a pound, ok so maybe the cheese wasn’t stolen because they were hungry.

Similar incidents have taken place over the years, including a theft of six million pounds of maple syrup in Quebec, and $20,000 worth of Nutella in Germany.

If they’re successful, the thieves could profit thousands of dollars, or have a few lifetimes worth of cheese.

(Photo by Max LesZed via Flickr)