Mysterious Radiohead Posters Popping Up Ahead of ‘OK Computer’ Anniversary

Mysterious 'OK Computer' posters showing up worldwide just in time for 20th anniversary

May 21 marks the 20th anniversary of Radiohead’s OK Computer, and as a reddit thread recently pointed out, mysterious posters featuring OK Computer artwork are popping up around the world at various locations. Naturally, we’re wondering if the band is hinting at new music, or a possible reissue of OK Computer. Regardless, expect some exciting Radiohead news in the future.

Fans have been posting photos of these posters on Instagram, with many using the hashtag #radiohead. Posters have been popping up everywhere, including Berlin, New York City, Paris, London, and Melbourne.

Below is an image of a poster that was spotted in the Netherlands, showing OK Computer-era artwork and the years 1997 (OK Computer‘s release year) and 2017. Keep scrolling to see more sightings.

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A similar poster spotted by a fan in London.


Another one spotted in Paris.


New York City.



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