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Mysterious Toronto

Every city has its own enigmas or baffling events which can’t be rationalized. Here are a handful of mysteries still puzzling to those living in Toronto. (Note: The Toronto Maple Leafs’ Stanley Cup drought isn’t exactly a mystery.)

The Ghost-Infested Elgin/Winter Garden Theatre

The elegant venue on Yonge Street is one of the city’s greatest assets. Yet it has also been the site of some ghostly incidents. According to the site TorontoGhosts.org the hand operated elevators sometimes begin to move without any cause. As the story goes, a girl allegedly got stabbed in the Wintergarden washroom on the 5th floor, dragged herself out to the elevator but no one came (they are run by operators) and she died. Staff have reported that the elevator will travel up to the fifth floor, the doors open and there is no one around. Some of the staff will take her ghost back down to the first floor and open the door out of respect.

As well, some also recalled seeing apparitions while the theatre underwent restorations in the 1980s. Adding to the mystique is the fact seats from Chicago’s Biograph Theatre were used in the restoration. Thus one unknown seat – which was since reupholstered — in the venue was the last one the late robber John Dillinger sat in before the FBI shot and killed him.

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The Roy Thomson Hall Mystery Room

The venue was built on a former railroad yard but when excavation began workers found more than rails. An unknown underground area contained a safe, two chairs, some cups and a table. Even more puzzling was the lack of curiosity workers had for the safe, deciding to open it later. An old Toronto Star article revealed they never got the chance as it was later stolen. It was never found.

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Queen’s Park Exclusive Tunnel

The PATH tunnels connect a large swath of downtown Toronto. Yet there remain some tunnels that aren’t for everyone. A special walkway from the Queen’s Park was built in the late ’60s but only a select few (namely those working at the provincial legislature) can use it. The exclusive walkway is guarded by an OPP “special constable” and is apparently for workers to can travel from three different buildings without having to go outside. But only few will know what`s really down that tunnel.


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Casa Loma: Paranormal HotSpot

While it’s one of the more known landmarks in the city, Casa Loma also has been the subject of more than a few WTFs! “We’ve had stories going on here since the 1930s when the Kiwanis Club took over the castle,” Michelle Desrochers (director of Canada’s Most Haunted) told Inside Toronto in 2013. Most of the events involve seeing ghosts, including a “White Lady”, grabbing hands, voices, children playing, moans and sighs of an old man, and other paranormal activity.

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Toronto’s “Holy Rollers”

Toronto is home to dozens of longstanding churches but only a few can lay claim to housing a possible 7-10 split! A few years ago Doors Open Toronto revealed the presence of a bowling alley not just in one but two Toronto churches. These alleys date back to when the church severed as the centre of the community, featuring movie theatres, gyms, and yes – bowling alleys. The Eastminister United Church on Danforth Avenue has one going back almost a century. Elsewhere BlogTO reported in 2014 the Knox Presbyterian Church near the University of Toronto also had such a facility for “holy rollers.” Churches that don’t mind if your mind is in the gutter.


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