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The Mystic Hot Springs In Utah Is Like Visiting A Spa On The Planet Mars

Take A Dip In The Mystic Hot Springs In Monroe, Utah And Relax

Often known for being a sleep little town and overall not that interesting, Monroe, Utah is actually home to one of the neatest hot springs in the world. Mystic Hot Springs features outdoor vintage bathtubs and a bunch of roaming peacocks.

It’s super hippie-inspired, especially considering that the hot water inside the tubs is naturally hot. Like, no electricity was required in the making of these hot baths.

So kick back and settle into a bathtub among rock formations that make it look like you’re at a spa on Mars.

What’s With The Crazy Mounds And Bath Tubs Anyways?

mystic hot springs
Image: @kerissa_valentine on Instagram

In the mid-90s, an artist named Mike Ginsburg was heading back home after a Grateful Dead concert in Vegas. When he came across the hot springs in Monroe, he decided right then that his mission was to open a bohemian spa retreat using the thermal pools.

He purchased the springs and named them Mystic Hot Springs. Incidentally, Mike also goes as “Mystic Mike” on the internet, so it all makes sense.

He optimized the surrounding mounds and rock formations and installed old, vintage bathtubs. His vision of people using it as a hippie retreat has come true in so many ways.

Since then, the springs have featured live music, festivals, and art installations that focus on the natural beauty of the desert.

Everything You Need To Know About Visiting Mystic Hot Springs

Seems like a pretty groovy place to check out, right? Mystic Hot Springs is a hot destination… and we’re not just talking about the pools. Free-spirited types come from all over to soak in these natural tubs.

It really does look like you’re in a vintage spa on Mars. There are several thermal pools, and a shallow soaking pool which features a flowing water natural massage.

Plus, southern Utah has some of the darkest night skies in all of North America. How about soaking in a thermal bathtub while watching shooting stars all night?

Yes, it’s possible.

How Do You Get There?

You can get to Mystic Hot Springs from Salt Lake City. It’s about a two and a half hour drive, and the springs are open 24/7 so you can really go any time you want.

Plug this into your GPS and you’ll be good to go!

How Much Does It Cost & Do You Need A Reservation?

mystic hot springs
Image: @ilanitravels on Instagram

The offices don’t open until 10am, and it’s an honour system outside of working hours. You can book online to make a reservation, or you can show up and hope for the best.

Keep in mind, however, that the tubs fill up quickly, so reservations are a good idea if you’re showing up during normal people hours.

How Hot Is The Water?

mystic hot springs
Image: @annanpage on Instagram

The water is hot!

Because there are obviously lots of people concerned about the hygiene of the pools at Mystic Hot Springs, they encourage you to walk to the top of the hill and check out the source.

However, especially if you go to the top, be careful because you could actually burn yourself on the water. Once it’s made its way down to the tubs and pools however, it’s perfect soaking temperature.

Are The Soaking Pools Clean?

mystic hot springs
Image: @mystichotsprings on Instagram

The management at Mystic Hot Springs are adamant that the tubs and pools are very hygienic. The tubs are drained and cleaned a few times daily, and the pools are drained and cleaned bi-weekly.

Keep in mind as well that the water is flowing continuously, which helps to keep things clean.

Camping At Mystic Hot Springs 

mystic hot springs
Image: @jebstreet on Instagram

One of the major bonuses about this spot is that you can camp onsite in one of their restored hippie busses. They also have campsites under large, gorgeous trees, and even authentic pioneer cabins.

Here’s a direct link to their accommodation options. They also offer festivals, music, and even art installations! Make sure to book in advance. As you can imagine, these unique events with the unique bathtubs and surroundings fill up fast!

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