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Nardwuar Undergoes Successful Heart Surgery

Yesterday (Jan. 25), Canadian journalist, Nardwuar, revealed that he had to undergo heart surgery to assist in closing a hole in his heart that had lead to the stroke he had in December.


It was revealed via Twitter that Nardwuar’s PFO (patent foramen ovale) closure was successful at Vancouver General Hospital (VGH) and he is back at home resting.

A PFO is described as a hole in the heart between right and left atria that often closes during infancy. Nardwuar’s PFO did not close during this stage. Often, PFO’s can lead to the development of blood clots, which can cause a stroke.

Back on December 5th, Nardwuar suffered a stroke while attending Mint Records’ Christmas party in Vancouver. He was taken to Vancouver General Hospital and later discharged on December 12th.

Nardwuar is now discharged and recovering at home since his surgery at VGH.

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