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Nathan Fielder helps people rehearse for life’s most terrifying and awkward moments in new trailer for ‘The Rehearsal’

Nathan For You star and creator Nathan Fielder is back with a trailer for his new show, The Rehearsal.

“I’ve been told my personality can make people uncomfortable,” Fielder says in the opening of the clip. “But I’ve learned that if you plan for every variable, a happy outcome doesn’t have to be left to chance.”

The trailer then cuts to Fielder talking to a man, saying, “This conversation’s going pretty well. So, that’s no accident. Everything that’s happened today – I’ve rehearsed it dozens of times in a replica of your home. This is what we can do for you.”

Check out the trailer for The Rehearsal below.

While on Nathan For You Fielder played a version of himself offering up business advice, The Rehearsal sees Fielder playing a character that gives people the opportunity to rehearse for their own major life events. Fielder wrote, directed, and stars in the series himself.

The forthcoming series was first announced last June. Fielder first struck a deal with HBO in 2019 after the end of Nathan For You. Since then, he produced How To With John Wilson. This show looks more similar to Nathan For You, but with a haunting, almost Truman Show-esque twist.

Just last month, Fielder released a brief teaser for the forthcoming television show. In the brief teaser, Fielder and another character in the show watch an ominous set of monitors as woman tends to a crying baby on the screens. Fielder tweeted out the teaser alongside the caption “very soon.” Revisit that clip here.

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