Nathaniel Rateliff | Forty Creek Black Box Sessions

Watch Nathaniel Rateliff perform songs from his new solo record, And It's Still Alright

Nathaniel Rateliff has taken a step back from his main gig as the frontman of the Night Sweats, and this year has released a solo album And It’s Still Alright. The songwriting for the new album began in July 2018 when Rateliff’s friend and longtime Night Sweats producer Richard Swift sadly passed away.

“I think this album is a reminder that we all go through hardship,” says Rateliff. “But regardless of the hardship everything ends up where it’s supposed to. Regardless of where I’m at after Richard’s death and my divorce, and getting older, I still continue to live and I still continue to find joy. I think that’s the theme of the record.”

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