Neil Young announces ‘Songs for Judy,’ a live acoustic album from 1976

Including a never released tune, 'No One Seems to Know'

Neil Young has just announced the release of a new live album, Songs for Judy. The record will be made up of recordings from his 1976 solo acoustic US tour.

Songs for Judy will be the debut release from Young’s Shakey Pictures Records, and it will feature a 23-song tracklist filled with classics like “The Needle and the Damage Done” and “Heart of Gold.” Most importantly, the new album will feature “No One Seems to Know,” which is a song that Young has played live for years but has never released before.

The album will come out on November 30th, and the vinyl will be released on December 14th.

Check out the album artwork and full tracklist below.

Songs for Judy:

01 – Songs For Judy Intro (Atlanta, GA, Nov 24 (late show))
02 – Too Far Gone (Boulder, CO, Nov 06)
03 – No One Seems To Know (Boulder, CO, Nov 07)
04 – Heart Of Gold (Fort Worth, TX, Nov 10)
05 – White Line (Fort Worth, TX, Nov 10)
06 – Love Is A Rose (Houston, TX, Nov 11)
07 – After The Gold Rush (Houston, TX, Nov 11)
08 – Human Highway (Madison, WI, Nov 14)
09 – Tell Me Why (Chicago, IL, Nov 15 (late show))
10 – Mr. Soul (New York, NY, Nov 20 (early show))
11 – Mellow My Mind (New York, NY, Nov 20 (early show))
12 – Give Me Strength (New York, NY, Nov 20 (late show))
13 – Man Needs A Maid (New York, NY, Nov 20 (late show))
14 – Roll Another Number (Boston, MA, Nov 22 (late show))
15 – Journey Through The Past (Boston, MA, Nov 22 (late show))
16 – Harvest (Boston, MA, Nov 22 (late show))
17 – Campaigner (Boston, MA, Nov 22 (late show))
18 – Old Laughing Lady (Atlanta, GA, Nov 24 (early show))
19 – The Losing End (Atlanta, GA, Nov 24 (late show))
20 – Here We Are In The Years (Atlanta, GA, Nov 24 (late show))
21 – The Needle And The Damage Done (Atlanta, GA, Nov 24 (early show))
22 – Pocahontas (Atlanta, GA, Nov 24 (late show))
23 – Sugar Mountain (Atlanta, GA, Nov 24 (late show))