Neil Young’s previously unreleased ‘Homegrown’ album set to arrive after 45 years

The album will finally see the light of day in 2020

Neil Young is going to finally release the highly anticipated Homegrown album next year, which is a whopping 45 years after the album was put on hold.

Homegrown will be our first release in 2020, sounding great in vinyl – as it was meant to be… Made in the mid-nineteen seventies,” Young wrote on his Neil Young Archives website. Young went on to reveal that the album took longer than usual to restore because he refused to complete it digitally.

Young also released a video that shows his longtime producer John Hanlon working on the record. “Mr. J. Hanlon is seen here mastering Homegrown in an all analog chain. This is the way records were made when we started out. This is the way we made them sound great. We were told that this was impossible now, the Homegrown tapes were too damaged to use; we had to use Digital,” Young wrote. “We didn’t agree. We did not accept. We painstakingly restored the analog masters of Homegrown.”

Additionally, Young explains that the primarily acoustic record, which focuses on his complex relationship at the time with actress Carrie Snodgress, was never released because it was too intensely emotional. He describes Homegrown as a “record full of love lost and explorations,” and one “that has been hidden for decades. Too personal and revealing to expose in the freshness of those times.”
Lead photo courtesy of Tore Sætre.