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Neon Dreams’ new song ‘Little Dance’ was inspired by coming face-to-face with a shark

Halifax duo Neon Dreams return with video for new single “Little Dance.”

The new song is all about a shark encounter. After finishing up a tour in South Africa last year, Neon Dreams frontman Frank Kadillac went shark diving. Although he had a fear of drowning, he still jumped into the water. But, when he opened his eyes, he was face-to-face with a shark. Immediately, a melody flew into his head and he jumped out of the water to record a voice note.

“While attending a meditation retreat a few days before, I was walking through the garden observing how life works through the birds and little annoying flies when I had a perspective shift,” Kadillac explains. “Those little annoying flies were not annoying, they were dancing. They were finding purpose. They were falling in love. They don’t live long. But they do their best to enjoy each moment from sunup to sundown. Everyone is doing their own dance through life and if you see someone dancing in your direction, you have the choice to dance with them or let them pass by and continue your dance.”

Watch the video for the new Neon Dreams track “Little Dance” below.

Alongside the track, the pair shared a colourful, dreamy video following them through bright scenes as they sing along to the track.

Neon Dreams have some Canadian tour dates coming up, check them out below.

Neon Dreams Canadian Tour Dates:

London, ON – London Music Hall – May 25
Hamilton, ON – Mills Hardware – May 26
Toronto, ON – Axis – May 27
Ottawa, ON – The Observatory – May 28
Montreal, QC – Petite Campus – May 29

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