Netflix and Mattel are rebooting ‘He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe’ for new CG series

A modren, reimagined take on the classic franchise

Netflix and Mattel Television are making a new original CG series reboot of He-Man & The Masters Of The Universe.

The animated adventure series will reimagine the toy-based show with a fresh take on the battle between He-Man and Skeletor. The series is set to be produced by Mattel Television with executive producers Adam Bonnett, Christopher Keenan, and Rob David.

“On the planet of Eternia, a young lost prince discovers the powers of Grayskull and transforms into He-Man, Master of the Universe,” the logline reads, according to Deadline. “The classic battle between He-Man and evil Skeletor rages to new heights as both hero and villain forge new and mighty teams. A new generation of heroes fighting for the fate of us all. In the end, who will become Master of the Universe?”

Mattel’s reboot of the Masters of the Universe franchise will also include a comic book series from DC comics, an upcoming feature film, and a reimagining of the 1980s toy that will hit the shelves in Fall 2020.