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Netflix Docuseries to Investigate Music’s Biggest Unsolved Mysteries

Netflix is coming out with ReMastered, a new docuseries that examines some of music’s biggest unsolved mysteries, from Johnny Cash’s White House meeting with Richard Nixon to the murder of Run-DMC’s Jam Master Jay.

The show’s creators are Emmy award winners Jeff and Michael Zimbalist.

ReMastered will be eight episodes long, and will air on Netflix on October 12th with the first episode, “Who Shot the Sheriff?” The episode investigates the role of Jamaican politicians and the CIA in the attempted assassination of Bob Marley, who was shot in the arm and chest.

Netflix will then stream one new episode of the docuseries every month until May 2019. The December 2018 episode will focus on “Who Killed Jam Master Jay?,” who is the Run-DMC DJ that was killed in a studio in Queens in 2002. Even though there have been six witnesses reported, the murder is still unsolved.

Some other episodes throughout the series will investigate the death of Chilean singer Victor Jara, the murder of three members of Irish group the Miami Showband, and a look into the mysterious shooting of Sam Cooke. The first season will wrap up with “Devil at the Crossroads,” which is about Robert Johnson’s fictitious deal with the Devil, and “Lion’s Share,” where a man travels to South Africa to find the real writers behind “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”

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