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Netflix is Making a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Episode of ‘Black Mirror’

Netflix has been teasing interactive choose-your-own-adventure style content, such as with the upcoming Minecraft series. Later this year, they’re going to outdo themselves by making a choose-your-own-adventure episode for Charlie Brooker’s futuristic technology-based dystopia, Black Mirror.

The details of the episode have not yet been released, but it’s rumoured that the episode will be called something along the lines of “The Illusion of Choice.” Essentially, users will be able to choose what happens to their characters before they inescapably get trapped in some sort of dystopian world.

The episode marks the first use of the new video game based interactive television show for adult viewers. What better way to one-up the previous Black Mirror episodes that explore the social implications of new technologies than by introducing a new technology to the show itself?

Season 5 of Black Mirror is expected to arrive in December.

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