Netflix is turning the ‘Song Exploder’ podcast into a television show

The show is set to debut on October 2

Netflix is turning Hrishikesh Hirway’s renowned podcast Song Exploder into a television series.

The podcast, which sees musicians deconstructing the process for some of their most famous songs, is set to be turned into a show from director Morgan Neville, and will debut on October 2nd. The first season of the series will see Alicia Keys chatting about “3 Hour Drive,” Lin-Manuel Miranda discussing his Hamilton track “Wait for It,” R.E.M. breaking down “Losing My Religion,” and Ty Dolla $ign discussing “LA.”

Watch the trailer for Netflix’s new Song Exploder series below.

“As a teenager, I used to sit in my room and listen to music while poring over the lyrics and liner notes and artwork until I could almost feel myself living in the world of the artist,” Hirway explains. “It was the most incredible feeling, and with Song Exploder, I wanted to take that feeling and go even further. It’s been so exciting to turn it into a television show, because it’s provided a chance to immerse yourself in the music – and the ideas behind the music – in a deeper way than I ever imagined.”