Netflix lowers its video quality in Canada to reduce demands on internet bandwidth

The streaming service makes changes due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic

Netflix is lowering its streaming video quality in Canada in an attempt to cut down on bandwidth demands. The streaming service is aiming to reduce its data traffic by 25 per cent through the COVID-19 pandemic, the company announced Thursday.

With most of the population currently at home, internet service providers are currently experiencing a massive shift upwards in user activity. The company assured subscribers that lower bandwidth streams of content will continue to deliver high quality video.

“We believe that this will provide significant relief to congested networks and will be deploying it in Canada for the next 30 days,” said Ken Florance, vice president of content delivery in a statement.

YouTube has also lowered its streaming quality worldwide to offset rising bandwidth demands during the COVID-19 crisis. At this time Disney+ has not announced plan to alter its service in Canada.

Image via Flickr/Quote Catalog