Netflix Pledges to Reduce Onscreen Tobacco Use after Nonprofit critiques ‘Stranger Things’

Truth Initiative is a nonprofit tobacco control organization

The Truth Initiative, a nonprofit organization focused on ending the use of tobacco, has prompted Netflix to agreed to reduce onscreen smoking.

The decision was made after a report created by the organization was released, which showed that the use of tobacco onscreen increased by 176 per cent overall and by 379 per cent in youth-rated programming. The initiative went on to blast Stranger Things as being the worst offender, with 182 depictions of cigarettes in season one and 262 in season two. That means tobacco didn’t miss a single episode.

Netflix claims that new original shows with a TV-14 rating, and films PG-13 or below, will not portray the use of cigarettes unless necessary, being for reasons of historical or factual accuracy. Higher rated shows will minimize smoking as well, unless it is essential to the creative decision of the artist or character defining.

Netflix will now introduce the use of tobacco in the rating system of new shows.