Netflix renews ‘Love Is Blind,’ ‘The Circle’ for two new seasons

Release dates have yet to be revealed

Netflix has announced the return of not just one, but two trashy reality TV shows. That’s right, Love Is Blind and The Circle are coming back.

Love Is Blind made huge waves upon its release, as it puts potential couples in pods together to make connections without ever seeing each other, until they finally meet once they get engaged. The show is currently casting for its second season, so if you want to be a part of Love Is Blind, check out their announcement below.

The Circle also explores communicating without seeing each other, as contestants are sent to different apartments where they can only communicate with each other on a social media platform called the Circle. Their identities are only revealed once someone gets voted out, and they then get to meet on other player, who could be portraying someone completely different than who they truly are.

Check out Netflix’s announcement of the renewals below.