Netflix Saves Degrassi After Getting Axed

Canadian Teen Drama Now Available For On-Demand Binge Watching

If you are looking for a reason to start to hate on the online entertainment giant Netflix, this will probably change your mind.

Recently, US cable network TeenNick announced it would not be ordering new episodes of Degrassi after its 14th season ends. The show will culminate with an hour-long on July 31.

After the cancellation, the makers of Degrassi said:

We expect to be able to provide an update on this award-winning series in the days ahead for fans, the media and the market. Stay tuned for further developments regarding Degrassi.

Enter Netflix.

Netflix has confirmed that it has picked up the iconic Canadian series, known for tackling tough issues facing youth. The new series, called Next Class, is being billed as “the next generation” of the teen franchise, which originally began over 30 years ago, and will be aired in 2016.

For more than three decades, this groundbreaking show has been reaching teens with important stories and starting in 2016 our members around the world will be able to enjoy and discover the newest chapter of this great show,” says Netflix’s VP Erik Barmack.

Read the full press release here.