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Six Shows on Netflix Every Food Lover Should Be Watching

Maybe you don’t love the term “Foodie”, but you are a food lover and hopefully can admit to that. But you know that means it’s more than just eating food, it’s appreciating things like where your food comes from, it’s impact on culture and the artistry behind creating something we consume several times a day.

So take a break from disappointing Marvel shows on Netflix, and check out these awesome shows about chefs, mouth-watering dishes and international cuisine. You might even learn something along the way!


Based on his 2013 book by the same name, Cooked is an exploration of earth’s four elements and how they relate to cooking by journalist Michael Pollen. This Netflix-produced mini-series narrows the lens on Fire, Water, Air and Earth, examining how cultures across the globe use these elements in cooking as a means of nourishment. While you won’t see white table cloths and fancy table settings in this show, what you can expect is a down-to-earth approach to cooking and learn a little bit more about the food that we eat every day.


Mind of a Chef

Narrated by Anthony Bourdain, Mind of a Chef follows some of the coolest chefs like as David Chaing, April Bloomfield and Magnus Nilsson. Each season (with the exception of Season 1) is divided into two, looking at one particular chef’s life long journey, their staples, favourite places to eat and dishes to make.


Chef’s Table

Chef’s Table Truly one of the most beautiful television shows you will ever set your eyes upon. Each hour-long episode focuses on an internationally renowned chef, diving deep into their past and exploring their signature dishes. Produced by David Gleb, Chef’s Table is the epitome of high-brow food porn. Prepare for the world’s highest rated, Michelin Star-winning restaurants, presented with high-production value and cinematography that will blow you away.


The Layover

What would you do if you only had 48 hours in a country? Follow badass chef, author and TV personality Anthony Bourdain as he jets off to new countries in every episode, and tries to soak in as much local food culture as he can before his flight takes off. Bourdain brings his no-hold-barred attitude to each nation’s finest establishments and pits them against local favourites like street food and home-cooked meals.


Chef’s Table France

Chef’s Table France is the exact same idea as Chef’s Table, except set in France where (of course) some of the world’s greatest restaurants and chefs are located. Look past the subtitles and enjoy some of the finest looking (and tasting, we assume) food the French have to offer, because food is a language everyone can understand.


Addicted to Pleasure

Actor Brian Cox reveals the rich and controversial past of sugar, alcohol, tobacco and opium in this four part mini-series. Addicted to Pleasure isn’t so much a cooking show, as it is a fascinating look at some of humanity’s guiltiest pleasures, and how they hooked the world.

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