Netflix throws shade at Doug Ford’s Ontario government

Streaming service chimes in on province's repealed sex-ed curriculum

Netflix may be losing customer interest via increases to its monthly subscription rate and the cancellation of popular Marvel series such as Daredevil and Luke Cage, but the digital streaming service sure knows how to land a shot in favour of Premier Doug Ford’s opponents.

Netflix threw shade at Ford’s Conservative government’s decision to repeal Ontario’s 2015 sex-education curriculum, while also announcing that the American Pie films are hitting the service. Well played… well played, indeed.

Ford’s government moved to repeal the updated sex-ed curriculum in July of 2018, fulfilling a campaign promise. The 2015 sex-ed curriculum was the first update to the curriculum since 1998. It included information on gender identity, same-sex marriage, online bullying, and sexting.

Now if we could only get Netflix to take a step back in time and decrease that monthly rate we’d be over the moon.

Image via Wikipedia/CC