New App Delivers Weed To Your Door

Soon you'll be able to order a side of pot with your pizza

Ready for this one? Eaze is a growing startup that will deliver weed right to your door. Don’t get any funny ideas though – this service is only for medical marijuana patients.

Eaze was recently recognized for its potential to earn revenue. It just received $10 million in funding from a group of investors, one of which is Casa Verde Capital headed by, you guessed it, Snoop Dogg.


Available in over 35 American cities and growing, the app promises to deliver medical marijuana to patients’ door within 15 minutes. Eaze connects to local dispensaries to find the closest available location. Since its launch, founder Keith McCarty claims to have made over 30,000 deliveries.

Though the company is growing, it is limited to state law and as of now only 20 states have legalized medical marijuana. Don’t get your hopes up yet; the company is currently operating only in the US. You’ll have to wait a little longer before you can order pot and pizza in a couple clicks, Canada.