New app for your phone shows you the closest places you can fill up your water bottle for free

Find a refill location with the touch of a button

Stop using plastic water bottles, as a new application for your phone called Tap maps out the closest places you can refill your reusable water bottle for free.

Tap not only shows you refill locations, but even gives you walking direction to the nearest spot that you can get water without purchasing the extra plastic. “So long as you carry your own bottle, you never have to buy a bottle of water ever again,” Tap founder and CEO Samuel Ian Rosen explains, according to Fast Company.

Rosen began thinking about the issue with bottled water while traveling, and claims that many people choose bottled water out of convenience. Rosen reportedly believed that many people just don’t know where they can refill their own bottle, and after searching Google Maps for water fountains in New York City, he found no results.

Now, the application lists more than a whopping 34,000 refill stations in 30 different countries, from traditional water fountains to restaurants or stores who are willing to refill a bottle over the counter. Additionally, the app will soon add a feature that will allow users to add their own new refill stations to the list.