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New Brunswick post-punk trio Motherhood share video for new single ‘Ripped Sheet,’ announce upcoming album ‘Winded’

New Brunswick-based post-punk outfit Motherhood are back with their new single, “Ripped Sheet.” The new single comes on the heels of the announcement of their new album, Winded, out June 24th via Forward Music Group.

The new track is a perfect preview of Winded, as the band explores some new sonic territory. “Ripped Sheet” is a raucous, gritty punk anthem with blistering percussion, wailing vocals, and killer guitar riffs. Animated by Amery Sandford, the accompanying video follows some colourful animated characters performing along to the tune.

“We wrote ‘Ripped Sheet’ after talking about writing a ‘straight-ahead punk’ song for a while and then finally learning some Bad Brains covers,” Motherhood’s Brydon Crain explains. “Lyrically, I was trying to describe the transition from my lowest point to getting sober, to the euphoria I was feeling once I was back in regular life. I could see that there was a long way to go but I was happy to be back on dry land and moving.”

Watch the video for “Ripped Sheet” below.

Motherhood self-produced their forthcoming album alongside Kyle Cunjak, and it was mixed by Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier. The record sees the band diving “headlong into a narrative that explores the mundanity of the natural world as it mirrors human suffering,” a press release explains. “In their beloved home province of New Brunswick, with its dramatic vistas as a backdrop, the trio spins a yarn about navigating a straight line through a storm – amid the driftwood and stones, under tireless ocean waves, and peering cliffside into a foggy void.”

Check out the tracklist for Winded below or pre-order the album here.

Winded Tracklist:

01 – “Crawly I”
02 – “Crawly II”
03 – “Shepherd”
04 – “Tabletop”
05 – “Flood”
06 – “Ripped Sheet”
07 – “Handbrake”
08 – “Brakes Snap (Demo)”
09 – “Shuttered Down”
10 – “Trees”

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