Save Your Ears! New Earbuds Let You Control Your Listening Experience

From adjusting concert EQ to blocking out crying babies, hear only what you want to hear

An audio company called Doppler Labs is on the verge of creating a set of earbuds that give users control over their entire listening experience.

The original purpose of the Here Active Listening System was to improve the live concert experience: adjust echo, reverb, volume, and bass levels wirelessly through an app. Now, it’s being designed to help personalize your audio environment at all times.


With different modes and settings, you can block out airplane engines, crying babies, office keyboard clatter, and countless other annoying sounds. Of course, it’s risky — blocking out what you really need to hear — and they’re not the most attractive ear buds. But the support on the company’s Kickstarter proves that people want control over what they hear.

Here has already partnered with artists like Tiesto and Quincy Jones, and are the official earbuds of Coachella, Bonnaroo, and Outside Lands.

See them in use at Coachella below: