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New Indie Alehouse beer is brewed with 12,000 Tiny Tom Donuts

Indie Alehouse and Tiny Tom Donuts have teamed up on a new collaborative beer.

The upcoming beer is brewed with a whopping 12,000 donuts, which are a beloved Toronto staple. The pastry stout brew aims to be as decadent as it can, with thousands of Tiny Tom Donuts and the sweet, chocolate malt flavours in the stout.

The beer will be pretty strong, as it’ll clock in at about 12 per cent ABV. Indie Alehouse has teamed up with a couple of popular Toronto spots to make some pastry stouts. They served up a panettone stout at Eataly Toronto. They also teamed up with Double Dutch Stroopwafels for a Stroopwafel Pastry Stout.

After winning a trophy at the World Beer Awards for the Stroopwafel Pastry Stout, it only makes sense that Indie Alehouse would team up with Tiny Toms.

“6000 @TinyTomDonuts going into our Collab pastry stout brew this morning. The other half goes in later,” Indie Alehouse wrote on Twitter. “12,000 donuts!! Minus a couple.”

The upcoming beer is anticipated for release in mid-December.

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