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New Instagram feature allows users to set pronouns

Instagram has implemented a new feature that allows users to set their pronouns in their profile.

Prior to the new feature, users would have to add their pronouns manually to their bio or location field, but now, there is a field specifically dedicated to pronouns.

When a user enters their pronouns, they will then appear next to their name in the profile section. Also, a user can choose to only display pronouns to their followers instead of sharing their gender identity with the general public.

To set up your pronouns on your Instagram account, head to the “Edit Profile” section on your profile page, and select your pronouns. If you do not see your pronouns listed, Instagram has offered the option to complete a form to have a pronoun added to the list, as the only pronouns currently available are “he/him, she/her, and they/them.”

Currently, the new field is available in select countries, but Instagram has not announced exactly which countries have the feature yet.

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