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Listen: Two New Lana Del Ray Ballads – “Big Eyes” & “I Can Fly”

After teasing fans earlier this week, Lana Del Rey has just released two brand new songs for the upcoming Tim Burton biopic Big Eyes.

The haunting title track is a slow burner that recounts the film’s narrative of Walter Keane stealing his wife Margaret’s paintings of women with big eyes and selling them as his own. As she softly sings “Your World was burning / and I stood watching” over strings, you can feel the ominous undertones of the story.

Del Ray’s second release, “I Can Fly”, is a similarly sad story about being “caged up like a bird”, but learning to fly again.

Sounding like they’re straight off her latest album Ultraviolence, treat yourself to two new Lana tunes below:

Big Eyes comes out Christmas Day, starring Amy Adams as Margaret Keane and Christoph Waltz as her villainous husband Walter Keane. Check out a trailer below:

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