New ‘Making a Murderer’ lawyer believes she knows who killed Teresa Halbach

It's not Steven Avery, apparently

A new lawyer has just joined the cast of “Making a Murderer,” with Kathleen Zellner taking on Steven Avery’s case.

Netflix’s Making a Murderer Part 2 premiered on October 19th, and Zellner claims she knows who killed Teresa Halbach, and that it was not Avery.

Zellner, who has the highest success rate for overturning wrongful convictions in the US, says that after watching the first season of the show, she was inspired to take on the case.

She has already overturned the convictions of 19 men, and speaking on the show Zellner says that she has “one goal and that’s to overturn the conviction of Steven Avery.

“If you are guilty, I will do a way better job of finding out you are guilty than any prosecutor could,” she says. “You would have to be an idiot to hire me and be proved guilty.”