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New Must-Try Toronto Restaurants: Fall 2015

Fall is here, and so too are new options for adventurous, hungry stomachs. Here’s our lay of what’s already opened up since the autumnal equinox.

Antler Kitchen & Bar | 1454 Dundas St. W

After leaving his post as executive chef at Reds Wine Tavern, chef Michael Hunter forges ahead with his own restaurant, Antler Kitchen & Bar, in Dundas West. Just as the title suggests, the name of the game here is… well, game (albeit farmed as per local restrictions on serving wild meats), and the menu is a regionally inspired affair running the gamut from duck heart yakitori and braised rabbit pappardelle to cocktails infused and garnished with foraged flora.


Bobbie Sue’s | 162 Ossington Ave.

This modest new macaroni and cheese walk-up is from the same comfort food minded brains that brought us Poutini’s, and that’s enough for us. But in case you need further motivation, know that they offer several variations on the classic, including versions served with broccoli and chili paste, ground beef and mushrooms, and slices of all beef hot dog with mustard.


The Commodore | 1265 Queen St. W

This intimate Parkdale restaurant is a new destination for fine dining, offering a seafood-centric menu that also plates exquisite, electric dishes like pickled turnip Hard Salad in a stunning room full of curves.

It's a sunny day in Parkdale! Thank you for the beautiful shots of the Commodore's interior ?: John Cullen

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Kyouka Ramen | 2222 Queen St. E

While most of the ramen spots to recently open in the city tend to serve as extensions of franchises that established themselves amidst a boom of interest around 2012, this month marked the arrival of a new one. Setting up shop in the Beaches, Kyouka brings the east end a new-age ramen that was instrumental in transforming contemporary Japanese ramen culture.

Kyouka Ramen

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Little Pig Hot Pot | 3260 Midland Ave.

This Scarborough all you can eat joint is a northern Chinese hot pot that equips your table with an iPad to pick as many ingredients as you’d like, and a copper pot with your choice of soup base that lets you cook them as you desire. Never leave full.


Miku Restaurant Toronto | 10 Bay St.

The Toronto outpost of this popular Vancouver restaurant is a spacious, slick portal to fine dining experiences like blowtorch-seared sushi and pressed seafood.

To infinity and beyond ?? thanks girls!! #miku #sushi #toronto

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Return to Oss | 217 Ossington Ave.

While information is still scarce and it’s difficult to work out any specific meaning from the semi-cryptic naming of this new Ossington joint, a Mediterranean-geared menu boasting various seafood dishes amongst other options like white truffle fries and pan seared duck breast served with gratin dauphinois and blackberry jus is enough to get excited about.

#returntooss clams Catalaplana freakkng delish thank you

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Tacos 101 | 101 Dundas St. E

First things first, don’t read this name and expect an elementary experience from this taqueria. The 101 is just a reference to its Dundas East address. Inside you’ll find a simple menu built on an attention to tradition. Expect pineapple cores perpetually marinating al pastor pork shoulder rotating on vertical rotisseries and time-honoured drinks.


TuckShop Kitchen | 1640 Dupont St., Unit 3

Leftover lunchers beware: this Junction Triangle sandwich counter will make you rethink life.

Today's special: Whole roasted pork shoulder, marinated cabbage, roasted red pepper, Dijon aioli and burrata cheese

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The Walton | 607 College St.

A new Little Italy café and cocktail bar, the Walton is not where you head to only to hunch over a laptop and plough through your emails, but a classier setting you’ll want to save for morning coffee dates with friends or perhaps an evening cocktail or two.

a few pastries for you this morning…

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