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New Must-Try Toronto Restaurants

Toronto is guilty of falling victim to the passing food trends time and again. But sometimes what’s new isn’t fleeting. Here are some of the best new Toronto restaurants that should stand the test of time.

La Cubana

Do you like 50s-style diners? Do you like Cuban food? If you answered yes to either of those questions step right up to La Cubana, a low-key Cuban spot at the top of Roncesvalles. It’s approachable and delicious. And unfortunately (or fortunately?), as anyone who’s been to Cuba knows, Cuban food is at its best outside of its country of origin.

Fonda Lola

Did you know Caeser salad is actually a Mexican dish? Pull up a chair at Fonda Lola and try their take on the O.G. While you’re at it grab some tacos and ceviche. Plus, there is a heated back patio.

Red Sauce

Italian sandwiches anyone? Move over California Sandwiches and Porchetta & Co., there’s a new shop in town. They also have an inventive cocktail menu including a popcorn float made with carmel popcorn ice cream. Summer just got another reason to get here quick!

Noodle Face Co.

Baldwin Street is a veritable foodie village and lately it’s been a breeding ground for noodle joints. Welcome Noodle Face Co. to the fray. It’s a Chinese noodle house, boasting dishes old and new made by a mother and daughter team.

Bar Buca

The pasta, sandwiches and brunch are all great. But the real standout is that there’s a better selection of Italian pastries here than anywhere in Little Italy. With dolce de leche and ginger syrup espresso drinks to wash all those cannollis down, it will be a long while before Torontonians get tired of this place.

The Goods

Less restaurant, more food delivery and takeout counter, The Goods is a one of a kind spot to get homemade, vegan meals. Order online from their weekly menu and get a healthy, delicious lunch delivered right to the office.

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