New photos showing Jared Leto as the Joker are Incredibly creepy

Photos from the 'Suicide Squad' film surface online

Everybody’s favorite villain, the Joker is getting a face lift in a the upcoming version of the DC Comics franchise Suicide Squad.

The new look of Jared Leto’s colorful reimagining compared to Heath Ledgers more subtle version is just as terrifying. Until now we’ve only had a glimpse of his look from the trailer, but photos revealed yesterday show off just how insane his look is.

Taken from the cover and pages of Empire Magazine‘s upcoming issue, you can check out the new look below, posted online by one lucky Jack Napier, who somehow got his hands on the next copy. Joker is pictured wrapped in a straitjacket, opposite of Harley Quinn. She’s the anti-hero who starts off as his psychiatrist and ends up as his side-kick/love(ish) interest.




The film’s director David Ayer also took to Twitter to post an alternate cover, as well Cara Delevinge’s Enchantress. Take a look below.