New service lets you order breakups through Snapchat

Let them know how little you care

Are you in a bad relationship? Do you like burning bridges? Are you non-confrontational? If you answered yes to these questions then you’re in LUCK.

A very ‘lucrative’ Vancouver-based company called Break up Shop, is now offering a service that will help you break things off with your insignificant other through the magic of Snapchat. Customers can choose for a standard breakup snap to be sent to their soon-to-be ex for $5, whereas $10 lets you customize the it; with the choice of a picture or video. Nothing says “the past two years have been a total waste of time” more than a breakup text that disappears after 10 seconds.

This comes shortly after the announcement that Facebook is improving the way it’s users can choose to interact with their exes. A change recently was made so that users undergoing a rough breakup can limit the visibility of their ex to their choosing. Break Up Shop co-founder Mackenzie says social media is slowly becoming recognized as a tool to dealing with relationships, and that they just “want to be ahead of the curve.”

Break Up Shop also offers a number of other new-age breakup services, such as a pre-recorded breakup phone call, email, letter and even text message. For those who have who really want to mix things up, customers can also choose from a package that includes a breakup text with a bouquet of daisies and carnations.

So go ahead, let them know how you really feel.

Main image courtesy Aidan Jones via Flickr