New Social Networking Site Helps Feel Good About Your Life and Stop Pretending You’re Perfect

Koko app uses crowdsourcing to offer advice in stressful situations

Whenever a new app idea comes across my news feed, I usually take it with a grain of salt. Great, another social networking platform to self-indulgently brag to strangers for the thrill of self-gratification. Most apps make it easy to feel down, looking at your friends’ photos of them travelling/eating/being with their “perfect” significant other.

However, a new app called Koko wants you to try and work out your stress through the help of others, versus getting stressed looking at others.


And while it’s hard to listen to your own advice, and the best thing you can do is get an outside opinion. By posting to the app, your “fear” or “stress” can be seen by anonymous, randomly selected strangers. They can choose to comment on the post and offer alternative ways to think about the situation. Rather than offering “solutions,” like a mental health professional might, — users are prompted to offer ways of thinking about the situation in a positive light.


As Wired reports: “It’s what you’d get if you were to combine the swiping gesture of Tinder, the anonymity of Whisper, the upvoting of Reddit, and the earnestness of old-fashioned forums.”


I have to say, it’s a simple and brilliant idea. I was pleasantly surprised to see how quick people would respond to help after I made a post myself. When I found a post that I could offer my own advice on, my comment was upvoted leaving a fulfilling feeling that I had never quite felt online. Helping someone truly anonymously for no sake other than to help. It’s astounding. Check out Koko via the App store today, because you never realize how much you have to offer.