New Streaming Service Will Have The Largest Online Classic Film Library

Attention movie buffs!

Movie nerds rejoice! A gigantic online streaming website is on it’s way, and unlike Netflix it’s got some really old movies. We’re talking about epic classics from the 1920’s.

The Criterion Collection and Turner Classic Movies are launching this new streaming website in the fall called Filmstruck. This online movie library will not only feature films from Criterion but also the collection of plenty of Hollywood studios.

Criterion will offer up their collection of over 1100 films along with their special features. As well the company plans on creating original content that documents genres, time periods filmographies and themes:

We’ll tap into our community of filmmakers and experts to act as guest curators and highlight archival discoveries not available on disc or anywhere else. It won’t replace our Blu-rays, but it will definitely add a new dimension to the Criterion experience.

If you want to view these films it’s obvious that a subscription will be necessary, a price has not yet been set. Filmstruck is planned for a fall release.