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New study reveals Toronto’s subway system has ‘elevated’ levels of air pollutants

A new study conducted by Toronto Public Health has revealed that Toronto’s subway system has “elevated” levels of air pollutants.

The study found that the levels of air pollutants on the subway are higher than the level of air pollutants outside, and they even contain “high levels of some metals.” The level of metals found in the air is higher on Line 2 than on any other subway line.

“Air quality data collected in the Toronto subway system shows that, as is the case for other similar subway systems, levels of fine particulate matter air pollution (PM2.5) are elevated,” Toronto medical officer of health Dr. Eileen de Villa wrote in her report.

The city’s medical officer of health is still advising Torontonians to keep using the TTC. “Taking the subway is associated with benefits to people’s health and wellbeing and is a health-supportive way to travel, especially as an alternative to personal vehicle use,” de Villa wrote in her report this morning.

De Villa also recommended a series of improvements that should be taken immediately, especially in terms of awareness and training programs for TTC employees.

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