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New Study: The LOL is Dead, Haha and Hehe Live

Earlier this week, Facebook shared a study it had conducted about the way its users communicate their laughter with one another, and it came with some surprising results.

Apparently, we are no longer using LOL like we used to, opting instead for more modern “haha’s” and “hehe’s.” In fact, LOL made up less than 2% of all the data they analyzed, while “haha” made up over 50%. However, older users are using the good ol’ laugh-out-loud as much as they ever did.

Check out the study’s graphic representation of the laughter data:

Even more interestingly, the study found that a single emoji — the laughing face crying tears of joy — takes up over 33% of all e-laughter, used by more female than male users. “Haha” is used slightly more by males, and “hehe’s” are pretty fairly distributed across the board.

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