New Toronto Food Fest ‘Trashed & Wasted’ Serving Garbage As Grub

One man's trash in another man's come up.

Toronto is turning trash into class on March 1 with this new charity event that centres around rethinking food waste. Local chefs, brewers, and distillers at Wychwood Barns have come together to prove that reusing food is responsible and respected for Trashed & Wasted.

Discreetly dumpster dive into a variety of delicious dishes, cocktails, and sweets made from some seriously shocking ingredients. This entire event is being launched to help food lovers rethink food disposal and learn ways to get more for less. This trash-tasting trend will definitely save you some stacks.

All Trashed & Wasted proceeds will go towards Second Harvest Toronto. Second Harvest is the largest food rescue program in Canada. They’ve been picking up donated, surplus food, which would otherwise go to waste for Toronto communities in need.

Do you dare to dabble in this re-use food frenzy?

For all ticket information visit here.

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