New Wu-Tang Record Imminent

New Wu-Tang Clan Record Coming, But When?

Wu-Tang took to their Facebook page to release some vague but exciting news: their new album, A Better Tomorrow, will be coming out…”soon”. There is no official date as to when the record will drop, but back in November of last year RZA said that the production of the album was “45 days away from being completed”.

This is the first Wu-Tang Clan record in 7 years and here’s what RZA had to say about the upcoming release: “The energy that’s important is constantly pouring out. But when you’ve got to go seek for the energy, it becomes a little more difficult. Wu-Tang is forever, I’ll never take back that statement. But we haven’t recorded a lot of studio albums…This is the first album we’ve recorded in seven years, actually. And we can’t wait seven years for another album.”