New York City Airbnb Listing Takes Netflix and Chill Quite Literally

Would you pay $400 a night to "Netflix and Chill?"

Netflix and Chill has officially made it to AirBnB.

Feast your eyes on this V chill bedroom apartment in West Village, NYC. Complete with a Netflix patterned sheets, “a fully-stacked mini bar”, an HD projector with access to Netflix via an AppleTV and to top it all off, access to the roof for some low-key make out sessions.

Seems like a binge-watchers dream, especially if you know some life-changing Netflix hacks.

The idea was brilliantly crafted by Tom Galle, a 31-year-old who works in advertising along with Moises Sanabria; a 25-year-old artist and Alyssa David; a 26-year-old engineer at Art404 (a New York-based art company). They share the apartment with other Art404 members.

detail of netflix and chill room link in bio

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The listing has stirred many mixed reactions on Twitter:

A lot of our work revolves around Internet culture or popular culture. We loved the idea of bringing a meme to life and offer it as a real experience. The Netflix and Chill meme sort of naturally came up as the right subject to build a project around, and the idea grew automatically from there.”

The owners of the apartment plan to leave the listing up for a few months. So make booking with AirBnB for some bougie Netflix and Chill, or you can chill at home at wait for a new animated series by Simpsons creator Matt Groening to come to Netflix.