NewLeaf Airlines might not Actually Happen

Crushing all your dreams of cheap travel

On January 6, NewLeaf Airlines announced they’d be offering extremely low flight fares all over Canada, but it turns out it might be too good to be true (for now).

A media release revealed the airline will be postponing take-off and reimbursing all travellers who have reserved tickets for February 12 and on.

The Canadian Transportation Agency is reviewing their licensing regulations, after NewLeaf CEO Jim Young stated that at the time of launch, “it was confirmed that we were in full compliance of CTA licensing regulations”.

Your winter travels may be jeopardized, but NewLeaf hopes to continue with sales in the spring, promising the same low travel rates. The company had plans to fly to seven Canadian cities including Kelowna, Halifax, Hamilton, Regina, and Winnipeg, for $99-$149, and hopes to expand to U.S. sun destinations in the future.

(Photo via NewLeaf)