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Toronto’s First Indie Radio Station Approved by CRTC

PRESS RELEASE – September 11, 2012
Indie Toronto (88.1 FM)

Toronto, Ontario – The Canadian Radio and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has approved Rock 95 Broadcasting’s application to have an Indie radio station in Toronto on 88.1 FM frequency.

The announcement was posted just after 11:00am this morning on the CRTC website (click here).  The competition for the license included applications from 22 other broadcasters who hoped to win the frequency.

President Doug Bingley said “it’s like Rock N Roll in 1957, I think the market is poised to explode with this type of music. It’s a great opportunity for Canadian musicians and Toronto listeners. We’ll have a unique sound unlike anything else in the market.  If you want to hear a sample of Indie Toronto visit www.indietoronto.ca.” Bingley continued on to say “On a personal note, it truly shows the system works.  At the same time the CRTC is holding hearings related to the Bell purchase of Astral they’ve just issued a license a small independent in Canada’s largest market.  And that’s what the broadcasting act has charged the CRTC to do.”

The Operations Manager Dave Carr said “Our mission is to give Canadian Indie musicians and their hundreds of thousands of fans their own place on the Toronto FM Radio dial. Indie artists are the industry stars of tomorrow and Indie 88.1 will simply help tomorrow come sooner.”

If you have any questions or would like any further information about Indie Toronto please feel free to contact us.


Interview Contact:
Doug Bingley, President of Indie Toronto
Telephone: 705 797 8701
Email doug@indietoronto.ca

Indie Toronto

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