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Nick Cave reveals that ‘Girl In Amber’ was inspired by the death of his son

Australian singer-songwriter Nick Cave recently opened up about the death of his son and how it inspired the 2016 track “Girl In Amber.”

His son, Arthur, passed away in 2015 after falling from a cliff near Brighton, England where Cave and his family lived at the time. Cave’s rock band Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds released Skeleton Tree in 2016, which featured the track.

In an interview, Cave explained the process of writing “Girl In Amber:”

Arthur, my son, had died a few months earlier and I was existing in a kind of fugue-state, numbly sitting in the studio listening to the songs, trying to make sense of the material we had been working on over the last year, and as I listened to the version of ‘Girl In Amber,’ I was completely overwhelmed by what I heard.

It was suddenly and tragically clear that ‘Girl In Amber’ had found its ‘who’. The ‘who’ was Susie, my wife — held impossibly, as she was at the time, within her grief, reliving each day a relentless spinning song that began with the ringing of the phone and ended with the collapse of her world.

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