Nick Cave teases third Grinderman album

Nick cave heavily implies that Grinderman will reunite for another album

It has been about 9 years since Nick Cave and his band Grinderman have released an album, however, there maybe an album in the works. Cave has strongly implied that the band will reunite for another album.

This information came from a post made by Cave on The Red Hand Flies, when Cave was answering a question about his favorite guitarist. Cave answered by saying King Crimson’s Robert Fripp, who happened to collaborate with Grinderman on their song “Heathen Child.” The track appeared on the 2010 album Grinderman 2, which led Cave to write that the LP is “part of a yet to be completed trilogy, you might be happy to know.”

As of now, this is the only information that has been released about the album. There has been no mention or further information of the reunion plans or a release date for Grinderman.

Luckily, fans can be reassured that it appears that there will be new music from Grinderman, as it has been too long since their split back in 2011 and brief reunion back in 2013.