Nick Cave, Warren Ellis announce live film to accompany ‘Carnage’ and ‘Ghosteen’

He's working with director Andrew Dominick once again

Nick Cave has announced that he and Warren Ellis are set to release a live film accompanying their recently released album, Carnage.

Cave took to his website The Red Hand Files, where he responded to a fan’s question about further plans for the album. He revealed that director Andrew Dominick is working with Cave and Ellis, who will rework material songs from Carnage and the Bad Seeds album Ghosteen live.

Dominick worked on Cave’s 2016 flick, One More Time With Feeling, which was a documentary about the recording of Skeleton Tree after the death of Cave’s son Arthur.

“Five years have passed since Andrew made One More Time With Feeling,” Cave writes. “Much has changed. But some things haven’t. The world still turns, ever perilous, but containing its many joys. Music remains a balm. Friendships endure. This letter is fractured. I am so excited to perform.”

Read Cave’s response in full here and revisit Carnage below.