Nickelblock: The App That Plays “Photograph” When You Call Your Ex

Because the only thing worse than your ex is Nickelback

It’s 4 a.m., you’re sitting in your Looney Tunes pajamas dad got you back in ’06, eating a box of croissants watching the Friends, and everything is soaked in your tears.

You’re going through a really **rough** breakup, and you can barely hold yourself back from calling your ex and admitting to all the problems in the world. If only there was some way for you to put down that phone and make a calm, rational decision that what you are about to do is not smart.

That’s why comedians Anne Coogan and Arielle Siegel came up with the (fictional) app Nickelblock. The premise is simple: every time you check you ex’s Facebook or go to call or text him, Nickelblock plays the world’s Kryptonite “Photograph” by Nickelback. Since you won’t be able to stand much of it, you’ll do the right thing and put down your phone.

Check out the promotional video in the player above.