Nike’s ‘Stanger Things’ special edition shoes are packed with hidden details

Special edition 'Stranger Things' trainers will be available soon

Nike has partnered up with the Netflix series Stranger Things, and together, they have unveiled a new trainer that is filled with cool hidden details. The collaboration also includes apparel with the Hawkins High brand.

The new shoe was revealed last weekend at Comic-Con in San Diego, and it features the Hawkins High School brand from the show. The Nike Tailwind 79 features a grey fabric, which can be easily burned away to uncover hidden messages. When the flame is taken to the back of the shoe, the fabric actually disappears to reveal the Stranger Things, but the surprises don’t end there.

Inside the shoes in the insoles, fans can find a secret code, which is printed in English and Russian. The code was solved by the characters Steve, Dustin, and Robin in the latest season of the show. As of now, the shoes are only available to a few select competition winners but they will be made widely available on August 21st.

Check out the partnership shoes and apparel below.