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Nilüfer Yanya shares keiyaA remix of ‘Day 7.5093,’ announces remix EP

Nilüfer Yanya has returned with a new remix EP, out August 18th via ATO. The EP will be made up of new versions of songs from her recently released collection, Feeling Lucky?.

Feeling Lucky? Remix EP features new remixes from Little Dragon, KeiyaA, and Kwes. Today, Yanya has shared the sputtering new KeiyaA remix of “Day 7.5093.” The new version of the tune takes the indie pop original and makes it into a pulsing, energetic electronic song. It also comes accompanied by a glitchy video made up of photos of Nilüfer on tour.

“It was an incredible challenge to re-harmonize this record using Nilufer’s melodies as my guide,” KeiyaA explains. “Nilufer is an excellent songwriter and I was thrilled to be asked to do this remix.”

Listen to the keiyaA remix of “Day 7.5093” alongside the original tune below.

“The soundtrack to your summer has arrived!” Nilüfer Yanya adds. “I’m a massive fan of all the artists and really honoured they took the time to put their own unique spin on each track. Hope all 3 remixes lift your mood like they have mine.”

About “7.5093”

At the beginning of the year, Yanya shared a video for “7.5093,” shot by Molly Daniel. It also came packed with clips of her oturing and performing live.

“I don’t have a habit of writing much when touring but with “Day 7.5093″ I can remember starting to write the first couple lines in a hotel bathroom so it made sense to use some of the footage from that year,” Yanya explains. “It’s hard to know what you’ve got until it’s gone which is why I’m trying to enjoy this moment too, but travelling and playing shows is something I’ll never take for granted again! I’ll be back touring new music as soon as it’s possible, and next time we’ll film more.”

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