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No One Seems to Know Ward’s Island Is Still Open

Amid the confusion over the flooding that has left many parts of Toronto Island closed, businesses of Ward’s Island say they have been struggling to stay afloat as the public seems unaware that part of the island is still open.

Ward’s Island is the eastern part of the greater Toronto Island’s, a mostly residential area with a few businesses. While many areas of the Park have been closed due to flooding, Ward’s Island remains open, despite public knowledge that it is.

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Part of the confusion has to do with ferry services being closed from Jack Layton Ferry Terminal to Centre Island and Hanlan’s Point docks, as well as the closure of city-run programs on the Island.

Ward’s Island has a separate Ferry service, that remains open but is restricted to residents and authorized personnel. However, according to one business owner, ferry services are available to you if you have an engagement on the island such as reservations at a restaurant or are visiting a resident.

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