Noel Gallagher Blames Social Media for the Lack of Outspoken Bands + Releases New Video

The former Oasis frontman gives us his rock industry insight - and a new video.

Noel Gallagher is blaming the lack of outspoken bands in today’s rock music industry on social media. The way he sees it, bands today choose to play it safe “because they’re shit-scared of social media! They’re shit-scared of somebody killing it before it’s started. One of the main differences for me is that bands these days are careerists.”

He also said that if Oasis were to start tomorrow, they would not have the same impact on the industry as they did in their prime. “..You’re judged instantly on your first gig, and then Radio 1 will judge you on how many fucking followers you’ve got on Facebook,” he said as part of an NME feature.

In related news, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds new LP Chasing Yesterday will be released on March 2, and they have released a new, surprisingly upbeat track called “Ballad of The Mighty I” featuring Johnny Marr. Check out the video below: