Noel Gallagher Found a Long-Lost Solo Album in His Sock Drawer

'It won’t be coming out any time soon'

Noel Gallagher recently revealed that he stumbled across what was believed to be a lost recording. The singer-songwriter told Matt Morgan that he found the solo work in his sock drawer, of all places.

Gallagher began working on the “space rock” album with production duo Amorphous Androgynous after he left Oasis.

“I did find a copy of it recently in a sock draw,” Gallagher told Morgan in a recent interview. “The masters, somebody has them, the masters have not been destroyed – but it won’t be coming out any time soon.”

“It might be nice to go back and revisit it in years to come, because ‘Shoot A Hole Into The Sun’ is fucking great and there might be more stuff like that in there. Best to give it a bit of distance though I think.”